Printed Brochures are still very much Alive!!!

Printed Brochures are still very much Alive!!!

We live in a high paced society where the digital age seems to be the norm.  We watch our programming when we want to, buy music online, see advertisements as popup ads.

Mens Catalog, Printed Brochure

With this state of constant marketing flux, printed brochures continue to be a relevant communication tool in 2018.  A printed brochure is great for displaying your product or service because the brochure has a better chance to stay in front of your audience than ever before.   Brochures can also be used as an icebreaker to explain what your company offers.  Print brochures are often kept for jotting notes on your product or service, can be used for further reading, or to drive individuals to your website.  The printed brochure will stand out from other forms of advertising, especially in today’s age.

There are a few reasons why some companies do not print brochures.  Some feel they are passé, can be costly, or not environmentally friendly.

Are brochures passé?

Printed Brochures Commercial real estate

Are brochures passé?  Maybe! That is AN ADVANTAGE!  Companies that realize brochures are not passé will use them as a tool in marketing their product or service.  A sleek, modern looking brochure with crisp pictures says a thousand words.  They are a great tool to use as an outline during a meeting with a potential customer.  Brochures stand out because so many of your competitors are not using them and readers will not be distracted from brochures printed message by electronic media.

Printed Brochures


Price is another issue.  Some companies believe that brochures are expensive.  According to the recent winner of the Solon council, Jeremy Zelwin “printed brochures are so reasonable, I can’t understand why people do not buy printing more often”   He is right!  You can order 250 brochures for 83¢ each.  Double the quantity and the price will go down to 69¢ a piece.  The more you print, the more reasonable the costs are.  In fact, the cost for 5000 brochures will cost 12¢ each!  That is a reasonable piece of marketing that can stay in front of your prospect.


Printing can be environmentally friendly!   At we strive to keep the environment a top priority.  Eveready Printing is an FSC Shop, which uses biodegradable inks.  Did you know that digital advertisements might not be so good for our environment?  According to, all kinds of electronic devices leave a large carbon footprint.  Words of advice, start printing!   It will save your company and your planet!

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Have You Noticed that Print Catalogs Are Still Around?

Have You Noticed that Print Catalogs Are Still Around?

Wig Catalog

Have you discarded the printed catalog and opted for an online version?  Have You Noticed that Print Catalogs are still Around?  You might want to rethink your strategy.  When you check your mail, how often do you see a catalog?  I know I see minimum of 7-10 per week.

Wig Catalog

If everyone is telling you print is dead, then why are so many catalogs still mailed?  The obvious answer is that people like print.

Printing is palpable:
Accessory Spread
Accessory Spread

Printed catalogs are easy!  No need for an internet search, rather pick up the catalog, mark the items you want, and go back to it at a later date.  If you are interested, you can keep the catalog around for weeks, which equates to multiple impressions.  Billions of catalogs are mailed in the United States each year.  Why is this?  You guessed it, they WORK!

Consumers order from catalogs

That sounds ancient right?  Well they do, just not the same way they did back in the day.  Back then, you had an 800 number, mail, or with a local store with a sales representative.  Now, you look through the catalog, decide what you want and order online.  Sometime there are QR codes right next to the product, which will take you right to the product you want to purchase.  With this technology, your catalog can even be individualized based on the consumer’s buying behavior.

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